For newly built domestic properties. You need a SAP Calculation for your Building Regulations submission and an 'As Built' or 'On Construction' EPC on completion (produced via the same methodology - SAP ). We can provide these whether you are building in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

SAP is the Governments 'Standard Assesment Procedure' for energy rating of dwellings. SAP, was designed to be included in the 1995 Building Regulations and is now a compulsory component in Part L of the Regulations. Every new house has to have a SAP rating.

SAP calculations are required for all new dwellings as well as those that have been created as the result of material changes of use involving building work , and extensions over a certain size

Since April 2008 in England and Wales when a new building is completed and is due to be signed off by Building Control (either a new build or a conversion) it must have an 'As Built' SAP calculation and an 'As Built' (sometimes called 'On Construction') EPC produced. Both of these MUST be from SAP software.

Part L Calculations

If your building a new non domestic property you need to show compliance with the relevant Building Regulations.

We can provide Compliance checks using the Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM) software for anywhere in the UK. We provide a cradle-to-grave service, with no additional charges for the advice and re-modelling needed to get you into compliance. All modelling is done with Designbuilder modelling software (rather than the basic iSBEM package) which assists in making the ammendment checking very simple. We have worked on everything from the smallest industrial unit to huge complex projects and can find the most cost effective solution for any project .

For compliance for Domestic buildings, see 'SAP Calculations '

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