Domestic Properties


Do I Need An Energy Performance Certificate ?

Since October 2008, an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is required on all domestic properties upon being built, rented or sold. You are required to provide an EPC in the following cases:


Homeowners must provide an EPC free of charge to all prospective buyers when selling a property.


Landlords are required to provide EPC's to new tenants in 'self-contained' properties i.e properties that are let as a single unit. For all new tenancy agreements the property must achieve a Band D rating or above

What Does The Assesment Entail?

In order to carry out the EPC, an assessor will visit the property and inspect the various aspects which affect energy efficency, such as heating systems, insulation and lighting. When the data has been collated it will be used to generate the Energy Performance Certificate.

This consits of two ratings: the energy efficiency rating and the enviromental impact rating, which indicates the level of carbon dioxide emmisions for the property. In addition to these, you will recieve a detailed report of recommendations which could improve both of these ratings if implemented, along with an estimate of the annual cost savings.