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Do I Need A Commercial Performance Certificate ?


Since October 2008, non-domestic buildings in the UK require an energy performance certificate (NDEPC or Commercial EPC) upon construction, sale or lease.

What Is A Commercial EPC ?

A Commercial EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) is a report which shows how energy efficient a commercial building is. Whether it is an office, hotel, warehouse or used for retail, commercial buildings must have an EPC assessment carried out if it is to be sold, leased or if it has had construction work done.

Your Commercial EPC gives the building an energy efficient rating of between A and G, with A being the most efficient that is possible. Having a good energy efficiency rating can be good for attracting buyers or tenants as it means lower fuel costs for them in the future.

Do I Need A Commercial EPC ?

Landlords or sellers must apply for their commercial EPC before they put the property on the market or out to rent

What are the benefits to having a Commercial EPC ?

Obtaining a commercial EPC is a legal requirement in the UK. This can benefit you because having a good energy efficency rating can help to make your building more desirable to buy or rent

Another bonus to getting a commercial EPC is that you will be given recommendations on how to improve the buildings energy efficency. This means that you or your potential buyers or tenants will be able to see (and action) anything that needs to be done to make it more energy efficent in the future.

A commercial EPC is easy to grasp at a glance and can help potential buyers and tenants understand the property's energy consumption now and in the future. The amount of time that our energy assessor will be at your commercial property depends on how big it is, and the degree of access they have to the building.

There are some exceptions however:

Places of Worship

Temporary Buildings in use for less than two years

Buildings which do not require energy to control the indoor climate (e.g heating or air conditioning systems)

Stand-alone buildings with floor areas less than 50m2


What does the assesment entail?

In order to carry out the inspection, an assessor will visit the property and collect information relevant to the energy efficency of the building, such as heating, insulation and ventilation systems. The rating of the building is then calculated using standardised methods. The certificate gives a rating from A (highest) to G (lowest). The recommendation report contains advice on how to improve the rating of the building.

The energy assessor will look at a number of factors in the building, including

The building area size


Cavity wall and loft insulation

Hot water and central heating systems

Energy efficiency of the windows


How long is the assessment valid for ?

Commercial Energy Performance Certificate are valid for 10 years, or until another assesment is carried out.

Commercial buildings are categorised according to their size and complexity for the purposes of energy assessments. Enviro Check are capable of assessing buildings at a level that covers around 98% of all commercial buildings, so if you require a Commercial Energy Performance Certificate in the Yorkshire region there is a very good chance we can help!

We are fully accredited to provide 3/4/5 (and new build) Commercial EPC's and offer a quick, reliable and competitive service. Our aim is to make the Energy Performance Certificate process as straightforward as possible. We use the 3D modelling software 'Designbuilder' which makes our EPC Assessments quicker and more accurate.

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